Comic 2: Introductions

So now you know the characters' names, thoughtfully suggested by my beta readers. Thank you, beta readers!

Also, a Commissary isn't just a place you buy snacks. It's also a type of government official. Who you may or may not be able to get snacks from. Do not attempt this.

Fortunately, Gary probably isn't a government official (I think he just gave himself a title to sound cool in a failed bid to exert some modicum of control over his apparently Chaotic Neutral roommate), so trying to get snacks from him should be fine.

Also, that interior shot of the refrigerator was the singular most difficult thing to draw in the comic for quite a few strips. I say this with confidence, having already drawn through strip 5 at the time of writing this caption and knowing that everything from here on out was not quite as absurdly time-consuming.

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